About Us

Overview of MJX Asset Management LLC

MJX Asset Management LLC is a specialized asset management company with significant experience in investing in leveraged finance assets and managing structured products. MJX currently manages in excess of $15.98 Billion across multiple funds. Our portfolio managers, investment professionals, and operations teams are experienced individually and as a team, and includes 25 that have worked together for at least 10 years. The investment process is disciplined and time-tested, resulting in consistent and outstanding investment performance.

The MJX team has built a long history of impressive returns through all points in the credit cycle, together with capital preservation through difficult economic times. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business and transparency to our investors.

MJX currently manages more than twenty collateralized loan obligations funds which invest primarily in leveraged loans.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Experience

Utilizing our strong credit team, MJX trades and manages high yield loans, bonds and has broad experience in managing multiple and complex structured investment vehicles.

Uncompromising Discipline

MJX provides investors access to a highly experienced and successful team in a complex and credit-intensive market.

Risk Adjusted

We strive for excellence in our business, which begins with delivering consistently superior investment performance,
as demonstrated by our past and present record.

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MJX Team

The MJX Team is composed of seasoned investment professionals with significant credit research and portfolio management experience, the majority of whom have worked together for many years.